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Start Zdar (CZ)

The event was held on January 25 and 26, 2012

The two-day event was attended by 75 retailers from all over the Czech and also partly from the Slovak Republic. Together with the speakers 88 persons attended the training.

This high participation was due to a very fruitful cooperation with Karel Stárek from kastar.cz. Karel Stárek does such trainings since several years (Bike Akademie) and is the only one in the Czech Republic to regularly hold such trainings for bike retailers. He also is the founder of the Czech bike fair which is also present at the Bike Brno. See also an according Czech article here and here on the portal of the Interbike (only announcement).

Please read also the according articles in English and German on the website of ExtraEnergy.

Last preparatory talks between Hannes Neupert, ExtraEnergy (left) and Jakub Ditrich, ekolo (right) on the vening before the training.
A full audience
Many participants took vividly notes.
Karel Stárek and Jakub Ditrich opening the event.
Jakub Ditrich, ekolo, Hannes Neupert, ExtraEnergy and Thomas Lewis, energieautark consulting gmbh at the beginning of the event.
Translation of Hannes Neupert, ExtraEnergy (right) and Jakub Ditrich, ekolo (left)
Gabor Siska from Gepida.
Monica Huang from Phylion.
The three guests from Phylion, China, including speaker Monica Huang (rightmost).
A Gepida pedelec during the 'table presentations'.
Vladimír Pitaš from Apache on Tranz-X.
Horst Schuster from Clean Mobile.
Practical training on the second day.
Petr Hrebeda (right) from Azub on the BionX system. See also the youtube video.

Even though it was potentially quite some fatigue to undergo the consecutive translation from English to Czech for the foreign speakers the audience was highly attentive. There were many questions in particular after the presentations of Monica Huang from Phylion on batteries (about 10 questions from the audience). The battery topic seems to have found a major interest. One lesson for further trainings is that assertions on batteries on behalf of the trainers should be better agreed among the trainer pool because sometimes statements from different speakers seem to be potentially slightly contradicting (oral feed-back from one participant).

The time scheduled for this first day with the participation of foreign presenters seemed to be even too short to fit in all what the presenters would have liked to say. This makes it even more advisable to schedule another training like this in the future.

Karel Stárek with his Bike Akademie was happy with the event and right on the spot talked about a continuation of such trainings with Hannes Neupert from ExtraEnergy (beyond the Go Pedelec! project). This is exactly what the Go Pedelec! project aims at { to create activities lasting beyond the project lifetime.

All participants received an original certificate which was signed on behalf of the three main organisers which were Hannes Neupert, Karel Stárek and Jakub Ditrich from ekolo.cz who also did the translation.
Hannes Neupert signs the certificates.
Further Karel Stárek has expressed his interest to participate in the test rides ExtraEnergy does annually (during the last years even several times a year) and join the ExtraEnergy headquarters with a bus of Czech retailers who would participate in the test.

The evening programme simply but effectively consisted of the table presentations. It resulted a very lively event with participants standing around the pedelecs which manufacturers had brought and around the motor from the German drive system manufacturer Clean Mobile. Please find here an interview that was done with Petr Hrebeda an employee of the Czech company Azub that among others installs BionX motors within their bikes (e. g. as well in recumbent bikes).



Obsolete - Announcement

One day or all two days may be attended.

Attention: there are more than one 'Žďár' in CZ.Actually the name of the town is “Žďár nad Sázavou”.

The workshop/training is deeply focused on practical issues connected to e-bikes and is organized in cooperation with ekolo.cz (represented by Mr. Jakub Ditrich (CZ) and ExtraEnergy e.V, represented by Mr. Hannes Neupert (DE). You can choose from two seminar lines:

1-day training
Jan 25, 2012, focused on e-bikes. All presentations done by foreign professionals.

company/institution topic/link
Hannes Neupert ExtraEnergy e.V. Pedelec market trends inc. historical developement, sales strategies, innovations
Jakub Ditrich ekolo.cz Drive systems, batteries, controls and sensors; Standards - what is and what is not relevant, recommendations on how to deal with standards, laws, product-marketing strategies to promote sales of electric bikes; specific examples
Gabor Siska Gepida The Gepida drive system
Vladimír Pitaš Tranz-X The Tranz-X drive system
Horst Schuster Clean Mobile Innovative drive systems
Luděk Bárta Panther Bike – ED3 The Panther pedelecs
Luděk Bárta Bafang Science Hub motors
Johannes Sauer BionX The BionX drive system
Andrew Lee Phylion Experience of a battery manufacturer

2-day training
Jan. 25 + Jan. 26, 2012

Information about e-bikes (= Jan 25) + additional focus on training of dealers and mechanics on five chosen topics (Jan 26) as follow:

speaker company/institution
Jarda Brynda Measurement of frame geometry and calculation of frame size setting, saddle height, handle lengths, location of bags , length of the pole
Vladimir Storek List of best-selling disc brakes brands on the market, Hayes, Magura, Shimano, Avid, Tektro. Hayes - Features, Sales and after sales service.
Kamil Feifer 20" wheel-BMX Flatland, Bike trial and other disciplines - an overview. Basic types, construction frames, transmissions and components. Practicing servicing
Karel Stárek  
Dan Boubín Suspension: fork, the dampers and seatposts - a general overview. Brands: DT Swis, Fox Rock Shox, Marzocchi, Manitou, Suntour. Basic functions and suspension system. Practical demonstration of suspension components.

All topics in original Czech and the registration form you find here:

1-day training: 1100.00 CZK / 42.90 EUR without VAT
2-day training: 1970.00 CZK / 25.60 EUR without VAT

For additional information you may write to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Karel Stárek) or call
+420 736 631 007
+420 736 631 008
+420 566 624 336.